Are Catholic schools only for the wealthy?

The answer is no. The Church’s mission for its schools is to provide Catholic education to all who seek it. You may be surprised to learn that Holy Family Catholic School is affordable. In fact, tuition assistance programs are available from various sources including the Diocese of Joliet Catholic Education Foundation, an Adopt-a-Student program, and tuition supplement programs like SCRIP. We do everything we can to help families create payment plans that are within their means.

Tuition & Tuition Assistance for 2017-18

Below are the tuition schedules for the current year in English and Spanish. Also, learn more about available tuition assistance programs through FACTS and our new tuition transfer grant program.

Tuition Rate Schedule | FACTS Enrollment Letter | Tuition Assistance (FACTS) | en español

New Tuition Transfer Grant Program

$1,500 off of Tuition to Transfer Students*

Tuition Transfer Program Joliet Holy Family Catholic School is pleased to participate in the Tuition Transfer Grant program that is awarded to any parishioner who transfers their child into grades 1-7 from any private*, public, charter or home school. This two-year grant, $1,000 in year one and $500 in year two, will be applied to offset the current school tuition.

Joliet Diocese Tuition Transfer Grant Program Details (pdf)

For more information and a tour, please call our principal, Linda Kelly, at 630-766-0116.

*Students transferring from another Catholic school within the Diocese of Joliet are not eligible.

Registration Forms

Download, complete and turn these forms into the school office to register.

Catholic Financial Life, fraternal member to member organization, securing financial stability established since 1868:

  • Assisting Holy Family Catholic School with Scholarship funding since 2012
  • Summer religious camp
  • Sacramental gifts
  • Retirement planning
  • Life Insurance - Funeral expenses

Visit our website to learn more. To apply for these benefits please contact Local office in 7 W. Main St. Bensenville, Illinois, 60106. Office: 630-422-5400.