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Middle School Grades 5th-8th

About Our Curriculum

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Mrs Katharine Jung (formerly Ms. Dunne)

5th through 8th Grade Math


Math Curriculum (pdf)

Mrs. Katharine Jung Mrs. Jung has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from DePaul University and recently completed her student teaching here at HFCS in an exemplary manner. She has done a phenomenal job getting to know our students, our staff, our curriculum, and our school's culture.

Mrs. Susan Stafford

5th Grade ELA & Literature | 5th, 6th & 8th Grade Social Studies | 5th & 8th Grade Religion


Literature Curriculum (pdf) | Social Studies Curriculum (pdf) | Religion Curriculum (pdf)

Mrs. Susan Stafford Mrs. Stafford has over 15 years teaching 1st and 5th grades, Kindergarten, Preschool, Art, and Gym. Using her array of teaching experiences, Mrs. Stafford motivates children with active learning techniques that generate enthusiasm and spirit. She holds a BS degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Illinois University.

Mrs. Kim Jackson

6th Grade ELA & Literature | 7th Grade Social Studies


Literature Curriculum (pdf) | Social Studies Curriculum (pdf)

Mrs. Kim Jackson Mrs. Jackson has been working with children for many years as an Elementary School Tutor and Substitute Teacher. She received her Master of Arts Teaching degree from National Louis University in Itasca. Recently, she worked as a long-term Substitute in Downers Grove and as a Teaching Assistant in Naperville, IL. She lives in Downers Grove with her husband and two teenage boys. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling and taking long hikes with her dog, Molly.

Mrs. Celeste Donner

5th through 8th Grade Science | 6th & 7th Grade Religion


Science Curriculum (pdf) | Religion Curriculum (pdf)

Mrs. Celeste Donner Mrs. Donner received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and Physical Science from Dominican University. She also received a Master of Arts Degree in School Guidance and Counseling from Concordia University. She has taught Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science and counseled in the Elmhurst and Bensenville School Districts. Throughout her educational career, Mrs. Donner created, developed, and implemented gifted science, study skills, and thinking skills programs. She also created and taught numerous Catholic programs including a Children's Eucharistic Adoration program about the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist which she presented to Kindergarten through 8th grade students. She believes that every student deserves a faith-filled, positive, nurturing classroom environment, and this is accomplished by making Our Lord a part of every class period.